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Screw air-cooled chiller(or heat pump)
Screw air-cooled chiller(heater) is the unit of which applicable cooling(heating) medium is air or water in summer(winter), and its secondary refrigerant is water. When connected with fan coil units, air conditioning box, air processor together, it can be used as half of concentration and centralized the central air conditioning system; Single cold- screw air-cooled chillers are widely used in various fields of refrigeration industry.

1.Comparing with water chiller
Compared with water chiller, Screw air-cooled chiller can get rid of huge cooling water system and a special air conditioning room. It also can be set up on the roof and outside. Installation and maintenance are very simple and convenient.

2.Precise stable water temperature
As used for industrial cooling, Low temperature water that produced by air-cooled chiller could send directly to the equipment and containers, which need to keep freezing. In order to control precise stable water temperature, the water comes out of the chiller send to the Buffer pool firstly,then entrance the equipment or containers which need cooling.

3.Achieve annual refrigerate operation
In the industrial cooling use aspect, screw air-cooled chiller can be used in above temperature -10°C and achieve annual refrigerate operation in order to meet the needs of cooling industrial in the winter refrigeration, and this can be used in different kinds of low temperature cooling. After adding appropriate antifreeze in the frozen water side, it can achieve the range of 0~-15°C in order to adapt to the different industrial cooling requirements. Usually we use Ethylene glycol ,calcium chloride, and sodium chloride as antifreeze solvent. In the application, customers are suggested set different antifreeze solution`s concentrations according to the water temperature.

4.Y-Star triangle depressurization start mode
Screw air-ccoled(or heat pump)chillers use Y-Star triangle depressurization start mode. The starting electric current is only about 1.5 to 2 times as run-time current which greatly reducing the impact to the grid

5.External air cooled oil cooling device
Screw air-cooled chiller(or heat) Cited the high exhaust gas temperature rise caused by lubricating oil overheating both in refrigeration environmental temperature is too high, heating environment temperature too low or Low-temperature industrial cooling water temperature is too low. In order to ensure good lubricating oil lubrication, we use External air cooled oil cooling device to cool down the temperature, Reduce the consumption of cooling capacity and Stable refrigeration system.

6.Perfect protection function
Screw water-cooled chiller have perfect protection function, such as power wrong phase lack protection , system high-voltage protection, system low voltage protection, double antifreeze protection, compressor overload protection, insufficient frozen water cooling protection, prevent frequent start protection, compressor built-in exhaust temperature coil overheat temperature protection and etc. These protection reduces many losses caused by all kinds of accidents .

7.Well separated frozen oil and refrigerants
In order to more fully separate the frozen oil and refrigerants, external centrifugal efficient oil separator of low temperature cold water chiller can greatly reduce stranded frozen oil in the evaporator due to the low temperature. This ensure the compressor lubrication system security and also improve the heat transfer effectiveness of the evaporator.

8.External liquid spray technology
To further ensure compressor motor will not be overheated. Screw air-cooled(or heatpump)chiller apply external liquid spray technology. With low temperature cooling media directly on the motor, it ensures the long-term and stable operation of the compressors.

9.Automatic capacity adjustment
According to the air conditioning' demand, screw air-cooled chiller can automatically adjust load capacity. The standard chiller capacity adjustment is implemented by segmented or non-polar uninstalling method. One single machine can realize four different compressor capacity level, which are 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. 25% level is used to start compressors.

10.Environmental Friendly
In order to better protect the atmosphere, it can produce green environmental protection cooling medium refrigeration and air conditioning equipment not only in adopts HFC407C and HFC134a,but also in HCFC22.

11.Balanced running performance
Many of the chiller with compression, microcomputer automatic memory will be per compressor operation time, start the next time it will be activated running less time compressor. Similar in the discharge of the need, but also will be preferential the operation longer time to uninstall chiller, in order to achieve the balance of each compressor operation, extend the service life of the machine.

12.Remote control
Each chiller is occupied with remote control function. The computer controller is equipped with RS485 standard communication interfaces, open communication protocol. This will allow all kinds of building monitoring system connected and remote monitoring. The system supports building automation BACne agreement, TPC/IP, convenient connection with the system; The remote control unit can be directly connected through RS232 and RS485, RS422 universal serial interface and through the BACnet converter pulled into a BMS intelligent building control system.

Accurate design aluminum pieces from the maximum is to reduce frosting probability. Analysis and judgment can be achieved by fully combining of time, temperature and pressure for the comprehensive. This achieves the on-demand defrosting, reach perfect level of defrosting, and extend the defrosting interval.

14.Waste heat & secondary condensation
Without additional consumption of electricity and fuel , the waste heat generated from the chillers can produce domestic hot water. These results can be achieved in almost zero cost, zero pollution, no more other additional devices. The only thing to do is just to directly access water pipeline to access hot water
Due to the secondary condensing progress, it can appreciably reduce condensate temperature and pressure, and it can also raise the efficiency of refrigeration to some extent.

15.Heat recovery type chiller
Due to the increasingly energy shortage, waste heat recycling will have a long-term economic value. Basing on this fact, our enterprise developed a heat recycling chiller system, which can fully recycle the condensing waste heat originally released into the environment, which can be used in hotels , dormitories , toiletries and other occasions; If heat recycling technical parameters are needed, please contact our technical department to obtain.

16.Compressor & other major refrigeration components
Twin-screw compressor applies the world's most advanced 4th generation asymmetric patent tooth rotor machining by the British HOLROYD rotor and then grinding precision by the German KLINGELNBERG precision rotor grinding machine. This greatly reduces leakage and cooling loss. The usage of advanced three-stage oil network makes the oil filter ratio up to 99.7%, which greatly ensure machine oil return to the compressor , the wide range of built-in protection can ensure the compressor safe operation including small vibration , low noise and high efficiency.
Except compressor refrigeration, other major components are imported quality products, such as the expansion valve , solenoid valve , filter drier , etc, which are all European and American quality products , have reliable performance and precise control .

17.Touch screen computer interface
The chiller is controlled by micro-computerized controller, and all are equipped with Germany Siemens PLC imported controller. The accuracy and intelligentize truly achieve perfect control of whole machine in order to ensure safe operation of the unit and the purpose of effective energy conservation. The machine is equipped with touch-screen interface,which is simple and customer-friendly.

18.Test center
The enterprise has a well-operated testing center , each air-conditioning unit have been injected refrigerant and refrigerant oil before leaving factory. After undergoing a rigorous simulation of the standard conditions and maximum operating mode detection, expansion valve can be adjusted to the best condition.
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